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¨It is our goal to give the clock back its prestige and distinction as a decorative element.¨

Jose Maria 2 retoque nook


José María Reina (Utrera, Sevilla 1951 – Barcelona 2016) versatile and selfttaught designer. He belongs to the generation that promoted Barcelona as city of reference in the industrial design field.

His multidiciplinary work in the furniture and jewelry design areas, led him to fusing both projects together, creating a new clock concept. These clocks have a renewed aesthetics reflected both in its shapes as in its materials.

Thanks to his designs, the wall clock has been given back his status as a decorative piece of prestige and distinction for the home, the office and public spaces.



Andrés Martínez was born in Córdoba in a family with jewelry tradition, his designs are recognized by the fidelity to noble materials and craftsmanship, and the search for authentic luxury: serene, restrained, and timeless.

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