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We would like to introduce some details about how does Feng Shui in your home or office decoration  really work and how could you renew energy refer to our advices.

Feng Shui in Your Home or Office Decoration

By Elisabeth Campà   07/18

The influence of oriental culture has crossed the boundary and arrived almost to every field, and interior design couldn’t be an exception. Today in your blog we would like to introduce some details about how does Feng Shui in your home or office decoration  really work and how could you renew energy refer to our advices.

Feng Shui is a theory with origin of China. It is not only based on the order and orientation of how decorative elements distribute for people who stays there to receive more positive energy for their body and mind, but also should pay attention to the shape and angle.

1. Always think about even numbers, not odd

If you like to complete your living room or bedroom decoration with scented candles, flowerpots or any other small size elements, you should have started to think about even numbers because of this Feng Shui rule, which has a base of searching couple of all decorative elements. Nothing should be in an odd number. This rule is quite popular among a lot of people. We would like to show you an image of architects studio from Holland – Nico Van Der Meulen’s project.


Image from:

2. Revise your furniture’s angle

Like what we have mentioned in the very beginning, angle also is a very important factor if you are trying to apply Feng Shui in your decoration. For example, in living room,there must be some chairs with 90º angles. But not all are straight angles, in respect of table (auxiliary table also included), people might prefer some round shapes. There are even some “radical” thinkings that try to eliminate all straight angles from indoor decoration. With the picture below of Felip Polar’s project, we can explain better of angle topic with all these round shape chair, table and bar.


Image from:

3. Reduce the use of electronic devices

According to Feng Shui, those decorative objects which can rise up our happiness level and better being, in general, should be some elements that have totally no relation with electricity. Those mainly can cheer us up usually are family photographs, personal achievement, artistic item that can generally inspire and relax us. Don’t forget flowers! These colorful fresh elements are very important roles of home or office decoration.


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4. Natural light with moderation

In our previous post we have talked about benefits of natural light (click here to take a look), in theory of Feng Shui it did recommend as a positive method to generate more energy, but with a bit of moderation. With thin curtains we can manage to filter natural light a little. In this way, it will blend and won’t spotlight any decorative element in your bedroom, living room or studio to make it stand out over others.

One very good example for the forth tip is the project from vasco interior designer Erika Suberviola.


Image from:

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